Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Facebook Status Date

What's on your mind?...

I had put up a Facebook status about wanting to go see one of my favorite psycho-billy rock bands playing at the Juke Joint. It was a normal status for Facebook. Then I got a comment from "Joe" questioning the band and their type of music. We began to message each other about the band.

He then asked me out via Facebook.

As I contemplated how that night would end up, my curiosity got the better of me and I said yes.

Let me explain, "Joe" is not the type of guy to you would think I couldn't imagine him going into this bar with a stage, surrounded by tatted up people listening to psycho-billy tunes.

We met up at the stake center and headed out to the show. We decided to grab dinner after the show to help us unwind from the concert high. We had to have looked like the odd couple going into the Joint, but no one else seemed to care. We got there a  little earlier that I had expected (since I drove) and decided to shoot some pool before the show. He wasn't half bad.

The concert began and everyone in the room could tell that this polo shirt and Dockers wearing guy was beginning to get uncomfortable.  However, he was a good sport and tried to enjoy the show. The band rocked it out! When the band finished their set, Joe turned to me and asked if we could leave since it was getting late for him. It was 9:00 PM and he had an early tee time.

Well, we headed back to the stake center. I began to think that was a bit odd since we still hadn't gone to dinner. I asked him if he wanted to grab dinner. He said no and that he was glad that the night was now over. He then proceeded to tell me that I was a bad and horrible Mormon girl since I would listen to such evil music and worse still, to go into a bar for a concert. He got in his car and drove away.

He didn't say good night or even good bye. I stood there (somewhat) in shock of what had just been said. Okay, I started to laugh at the very one sided conversation that we just had in the church parking lot.

Luckily, Del Taco was on my way home. I grabbed some dinner and headed home from my earliest ended date ever!

I noticed a few days later that he was no longer my friend on Facebook. My best guess...is that he un-friend-ed me before I even got home that night.

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